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Mortality of COVID-19 patients with comorbidity of diabetes mellitus: a retrospective study

  • Difran Nobel Bistara ,
  • Susanti ,
  • Arif Helmi Setiawan ,
  • Umi Hanik ,
  • Thomas Ari Wibowo ,
  • Niken Setyaningrum ,
  • Satriya Pranata ,


Background: Chronic diseases such as diabetes mellitus (DM) are risk factors that cause COVID-19 patients to experience high morbidity and mortality rates. Diabetes becomes the most hazardous comorbid during the pandemic because it increases the likelihood of more serious effects when infected with the coronavirus. This study aims to provide an overview of mortality in patients with COVID-19 who have comorbid DM.

Methods: The research design used was a case-control study design with a retrospective approach. The population in this study were all COVID-19 patients with comorbid DM. The study criteria were COVID-19 patients with comorbid diabetes mellitus. Multivariate analysis using logistic regression analysis was performed to determine the parametric analysis of correlation tests.

Results: The results of a multivariate analysis of variables related to mortality rates in COVID-19 patients with comorbid diabetes mellitus, one of which is other comorbidities. Concomitant acute respiratory distress syndrome became the only variable with a p-value <0.05.

Conclusion: Acute respiratory distress syndrome is another comorbid disease that is the number one cause of COVID-19 patients dying during the treatment period, apart from the pure diabetes mellitus that they suffer.


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Bistara, D. N., Susanti, Setiawan, A. H., Hanik, U., Wibowo, T. A. ., Niken Setyaningrum, & Satriya Pranata. (2023). Mortality of COVID-19 patients with comorbidity of diabetes mellitus: a retrospective study. Bali Medical Journal, 12(3), 2912–2916.




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