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Relationship between Vitamin D Levels and Platelet Function in the Elderly Patients with Coronary Heart Disease

  • Charles Limantoro ,
  • Catharina Suharti ,
  • Trilaksana Nugroho ,
  • Friska Wilda Wijaya ,


Introduction: Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) is a degenerative disease caused by fat accumulation and chronic inflammation. The elderly have a significant CHD risk due to the prevalence of vitamin D insufficiency and decreased platelet function, influencing the inflammatory response in this population. Therefore, this study aims to assess the relationship between vitamin D levels and platelet function measured by the mean platelet volume (MPV) and P-Selectin serum levels of CHD patients.

Method: The cross-sectional design was carried out on stable CHD patients aged 60-75. Meanwhile, vitamin D, MPV, and P-Selectin were taken through venous blood, and an ELISA examination was performed to determine their levels in serum. A correlation test using the Pearson product-moment was also conducted between vitamin D and platelet function.

Result: The subjects involved were 45 male and 16 female at 73.8% and 23.2%, respectively. The highest risk factor was dyslipidemia found in 45 (73.8%) and all subjects (100%) received statins. This study showed no correlation between vitamin D levels and MPV levels (p= 0.094) and P-Selectin (p=0.362).

Conclusion: Vitamin D levels are not associated with platelet function levels (MPV and P-Selectin) in elderly patients with CHD.


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