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Correlation of neutrophils lymphocytes ratio with femur muscle damage due to acute limb ischemia in white Wistar rats

  • Yopie Afriandi Habibie ,
  • Avisenna Gatot Purnomo ,


Background: Acute limb ischemia (ALI) is a sudden decrease in limb perfusion that threatens limb viability and requires urgent evaluation and management. Assessment determines whether the limb is viable or irreversibly damaged. Neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio (NLR) is a useful marker for cardiovascular disease to delineate the prognosis. Endothelial dysfunctions related to atherosclerotic plaques are usually associated with states of neutrophilia together with lymphopenia processes.

Methods: This study was a post-test only control group performed on Wistar strain white rats. Thirty rats were divided into 5 groups, Control group (K), treatment group one (P1) examined NLR and femoral muscle tissue after 3 hours of ALI, P2 after 4 hours of ALI, P3 after 5 hours of ALI and P4 after 6 hours of ALI. Muscle tissue was histologically examined.

 Results: The duration of ALI increases the NLR value in Wistar strain white rats, the NLR value examined 6 hours after the rats experienced ALI increased significantly compared with the NLR values examined in the control group, the group examined 3 hours, 4 hours and 5 hours after the rats had ALI (p = 0.004). Necrotic muscle tissue very strongly correlated with the duration of ALI (r = 0.860, p<0.001). NLR value is strongly correlated with muscle tissue damage (r = 0.634, p<0.001).


Conclusion: The duration of ALI increases the NLR value in wistar strain white rats, NLR values increased significantly after 6 hours of ALI. Necrotic muscle tissue occurs after six hours of ALI. NLR value is strongly correlated with muscle tissue damage. Revascularization must be done within 6 hours to prevent permanent damage.




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