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The stability of sample storage for complete blood count (CBC) toward the blood cell morphology

  • Arie Rahmanitarini ,
  • Yetti Hernaningsih ,
  • Yulia Nadar Indrasari ,


Background: Peripheral blood smear examination had a pivotal role in determining diagnosis and as confirmation of the automatic hematology analyzer results. The storage process was highly influential on the morphological stability of the cell. This study aimed to assess the morphological changes in blood cells stored at certain period and temperature.

Method: Sample of 30 blood specimens of healthy people with dipotassium ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (K2EDTA) anticoagulants. The specimens were stored at room temperature (18-25ºC) and refrigerator temperature (2-8ºC) and were analyzed at the preliminary examination i.e., 8 hours, 16 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, and 96 hours. Kappa test was used in validating the reading of PBS (Peripheral Blood Smear). The discrimination testing used were paired t-test and Kolmogorov Smirnov test with p value <0.005, which stated to be significant. 

Result: The changes in erythrocytes morphology stored at room temperature (18-25ºC) was that the erythrocytes crenation started to happen at 8 hours storage with the grading scale of +2 that were found in 24 (80%) samples, whereas at refrigerator temperature (2-8ºC) the grading scale was +1 and found in 13 (43.3%) samples. Spherocytes on erythrocytes began to form at room temperature (18-25ºC) at 8 hours storage with grading scale of +1 and was found in 2 (6.7%) samples, whereas at refrigerator temperatures (2-8ºC) spherocytes on erythrocytes began to form at 24 hours storage with grading scale of + 2 and was found in 3 (10%) samples.

Conclusion: Peripheral blood smear (PBS) examination shall be done immediately to obtain significant results.


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Rahmanitarini, A., Hernaningsih, Y., & Indrasari, Y. N. (2019). The stability of sample storage for complete blood count (CBC) toward the blood cell morphology. Bali Medical Journal, 8(2), 482–486.




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