Adult Idiopathic Scoliosis: Correction or not?

Tjokorda GB Mahadewa

Tjokorda GB Mahadewa
Spine, Pain and Peripheral Nerve Division-Neurosurgery Department, Faculty of Medicine, Udayana University. Email: [email protected]
Online First: August 05, 2018 | Cite this Article
Mahadewa, T. 2018. Adult Idiopathic Scoliosis: Correction or not?. Bali Medical Journal 7(2): 526-529. DOI:10.15562/bmj.v7i2.1147

The authorpresents areviewofadult idiopathic scoliosis (AIS), etiology, epidemiology, clinical and radiology assesment, conservative managementandsurgery,includingthe pitfallsthat are oftenencountered. Although the author's experience in handling AIS is quite new,butgiven thedesiretosharethe difficultiesandobstaclesencourageauthortopublish the review.The authordoes notintendto teachbutto shareandstart doingscoliosissurgeryandshould be studiedproperly.

The success ofsurgeryin these patients,the resultswere encouragingfor bothpatientand doctor. Calculation ofappropriate corrections,outsmartwedgevertebraandhemivertebra, mountingscrewwithanatomybased onlandmarksandstraightenthe curveof the spineisthe mostinterestingpart. Ifallcan bedonewitheitherthepatientcanhave anear normalcurveandis free fromthe difficulty of expandinglungorneurological deficits.

Scoliosiscorrectionshouldalsobe doneby us, theneurosurgeonspine, shouldbe started immediatelyin Indonesia, because the casesarethere,verychallengingandencouraging resultssoworth doing.Thorough knowledgeof the anatomy ofthe spinelandmarksandstrictselection of casesas indicated,wouldmaximize the results ofpatientoutcomes.

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